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Re:act – Profes­sio­nal Networks for Youth

The goal of the ”Re:act – Professional Networks for Youth” project is to promote employment, employability and learning of under-30s in the creative industries. The objective is that young people participating in the project find employment in the open labour market during and after their participation.

It is harder for those graduating from universities of applied sciences or finishing secondary vocational education and training with creative degrees to find employment compared to the situation in general – this was true even before the crisis. It is also harder for men to find employment compared to women. At the same time, for example, the audiovisual and event sectors lack a competent labour force. The employees and employers have not found each other or the skills of the employee haven't been up to par with the demands of working life.

Target Groups

The project’s target group are under 30-year-old recent graduates and unemployed in the Capital Region in the fields of media, event management, photography, and graphic design whose employment has been set back by the situation with COVID-19. The target group also includes actors at Suvilahti, The Cable Factory and Nilsiänkatu 10 or elsewhere in the Capital Region. These are actors in the creative industries as well as other industries in need of competent and skilled workforce, new skills and support in the post-COVID-19 situation that have the possibility to offer employment in its different forms for the youths.

Goals of the Project

The goal of the project is to develop practices through which the apprenticeship and employment periods of unemployed youths become more versatile in content and well supervised, thus enhancing learning and employability. Work periods, work try-out (trial) periods, pay subsidised work periods, and apprenticeship and on the job learning periods will be combined and connected so that the participating youths get a chance to experience different kinds of jobs in the creative industries as well as an opportunity to showcase their skills, build networks, and improve their chances to be employed by the businesses. Those without training in the field will be offered the opportunity to get their skills and work recognised and accredited.

The instructors and teachers of the project work at Suvilahti, The Cable Factory, and Nilsiänkatu 10 in a working life environment. They are responsible for coordinating apprenticeship training, traineeships, and recognition and accreditation of skills acquired through work. They also offer training, professional and other support as well as help youths, businesses, and other actors to update their skills. They support the employers in recruiting the youths, workplace tutoring, applying for pay subsidy, and other things outside the employer’s area of expertise.

The project will gather data on its effectiveness, practical implementation and the changing requirements of on-the-job learning and working life for further development and support for decision-makers and the education sector and employment services. The results will be implemented in practice during and after the project.


Antti-Veikko Salo

Project Manager
+358 50 306 9652